Our Services



Trenching is an ideal way for placing underground utilities, conduits and duct bank installations at a low cost rate. Martins crews are well trained and experienced in understanding excavations using trenching with the ability to go in-between 12 inches and 42 inches deep. 


Directional Drilling (Underground Boring)

Martin Underground crews are experts in directional drilling also known as underground boring services. This method of installing pipes, cables or conduits can be done without digging trenches. HDD applications offers a solution for getting underground pipes in hard to reach locations without destroying areas around it. 


Open Digging

With our fleet of excavators and backhoes, Martin Underground has the ability to tackle any job big or small. 


Aerial Construction

Our Aerial operation, much like our Underground operation, is provided with a fleet of equipment.  We can provide strand installation, overlashing, and ADSS installation.  Our team is trained in proper NESC installation methods to ensure placement of all hardware within the established guidelines.  We work with the pole owners to ensure we are following their processes.


Fiber Splicing

Splicing operations include final project closeout packages, all cable splicing and testing. Martin’s Splice crews are provided with the latest Fusion splicing and testing equipment, insuring a quality final product for our customers.

Other Services

Hand Digging

When machinery wont fit or your site is not easily accessible, we have experienced hand dig crews to get the job done.

Emergency Digging

Let us help when your sewer, electrical or underground communication lines are damaged. We are experienced diggers capable of digging in high profile areas to repair any conduit in any condition.


We offer excavation and demolition services for both commercial and residential applications. We can prep the ground for around your project, landscape, surface drainage, structural removal, and basic leveling projects.

Cable Pulling

Our experienced crews are well versed in pulling fiber optic cable, coax, copper and electrical cable. By using proven pulling practices, prep work, proper tools, we offer a pain free cable pulling experience.

All Forms of Conduit Placement

We place any conduit from communications, electrical, water, sewer, and irrigation.