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About Us

What We Do


Martin Underground is a full service, turnkey Utility Contractor that provides services in all areas of utility construction. We design, install and provide underground construction services from placing fiber optic cable, coax, water lines, and conduit by means of directional drilling, trenching and open digging. We also provide aerial construction services such as hanging coax, phone, fiber optic cable,  lighting and signage maintenance. We handle all aspects of the project including engineering, project management, construction, installation, and splicing. Our experts can quickly and efficiently help you meet your business goals and objectives so that you can serve your customers and increase profitability.

Working Together


We offer an end-to-end client experience that includes seamless communication, budgeting, staffing, on-site organization, and solid, quality work every time. 

Martin’s management team has been building networks for the past 13 years. Many of our project supervisors have 20 years + experience starting as technicians. Our fiber placement crews provide “cradle to the grave” construction. Our construction managers work closely with the regulatory and municipal authorities. Our goals with these authorities is to communicate, schedule, follow code, and leave the job clean and restored. Our goals when starting and completing a job are to provide our clients with a quality product while keeping the authorities happy and leaving the project with a reputation of excellence. 

Why Choose Us?


Martin Underground is a fully licensed, insured and bonded underground construction contractor that has the unique ability to deliver a wide range of construction projects. As a true turnkey provider, we can execute on all stages of the project cycle.

Although we are headquartered in Raytown Missouri, we can provide services throughout Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska. We offer professionally trained, high quality, customer oriented employees to the nations largest telecom companies. We are also able to provide underground services to homeowners or small businesses such as placing private electrical lines, water lines, sewer lines, etc.