Job Openings

Labor Position

Pay Scale $15-$18 an hour

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Ability to provide basic duties as instructed by Supervisor
  • Ability to clean vehicles, trailers, tools and equipment (free of trash)
  • Ability to work under the direction of the site Manager and complete daily scheduled work
  • Ability to safely and correctly direct multi-directional traffic and appropriate signage
  • Ability to ensure equipment is safely and securely stored
  • Ability to advise Manager of any required maintenance or repairs
  • Ability to be trained


  • Must have previous utility construction experience
  • Must have the ability to operate manual and mechanical equipment
  • Must have ability to follow directions

Safety Responsibilities

  • Must follow all safety rules at all times and not engage in unsafe acts
  • Must attend and participate in all safety meetings and training
  • Must use all issued safety equipment required for job
  • Must report all injuries, accidents, unsafe acts or conditions to Supervisor or Safety personnel


Hourly rate potential: $18/hr x 40 hours/week x 52 weeks/year = $37,440/year

401K Employer Contribution* (3%) = $1,123.20/year

Employee Health Assistance*: $150(minimum)/month = $1800

Company Paid $20,000 Life Insurance Policy Benefit: $100

IF you chose the Health Savings Plan Health Insurance Option:

  Martin Underground potential Contribution*: $50/mo, $250 @ 6 mo., & $500 @ 1 yr. = $1350/yr


*Please refer to “New Employee Benefits offered 2016” form

(This does NOT include the following other benefits paid by Martin Underground: Social Security match, Medicare)

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